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A Short Film by A-lan Holt

2017  | 18 min

a clairvoyant woman finds something unexpected during an intimate encounter with her fiancé's lover

Inamorata Teaser | 1 min 


I gravitate to writing like I gravitate to love—this is a fact. As a child writing was freedom via my imagination. As an adult it is my commitment to what cures, to what encourages, to what makes me feel powerful—it is love.

I wrote INAMORATA to feel powerful. It was an attempt to remedy a dark moment in my life when I felt alone, with child, my partner gone. I wrote to ease my deepening sorrow. I continued writing and found that I was doing more intimate work—I was healing myself. INAMORATA is a story about healing yourself. It is told through the narrative of three lovers. What happens when you find love in the most unlikely of places, in the bedrooom of the “other woman”?   



Sabina Karlsson is a Swedish-born model and actress. Last fall, Sabina became the face of Lane Bryant's Plus is Equal campaign, inspiring women of all sizes to embrace their beauty and their body with confidence. Inamorata is Sabina's acting debut.

Joel L. Daniels is a poet, emcee and actor, born and raised in the Bronx, New York City. Joel is passionate about fatherhood, storytelling, and love.  He is the recipient of the Bronx Council of the Arts 2013 BRIO Award for poetry. Inamorata is Joel's on screen debut.

Natasha Mmonatau is a Botswana-born actress and emcee. She describes herself as a Motswana queen posting letters from the ether. Her work surrounds themes of homeland and futurism. This year, Natasha graduates from Stanford University. Inamorata is her on screen debut.


Written & Directed by A-LAN HOLT

Produced by TRUE MVMNT

Executive Producer & Editor SHARA LILI WALKER


Director of Photography WESLEY ISAIAH WALKER

Producer & Location Sound  ELLIOT LUSCOMBE


Pre production included extensive location scouting across New York City shot on 35mm film. As one unique aspect of our pre-production process, Creative Director Dalila Noel Shannon crafted  individual journals for our principal characters. The beauty of the process brings us closer to the minds and into the hearts of Tabatha & Lola, our entangled protagonists.